Are you dealing with a genuine law firm or solicitor?

Bogus law firms & organised crime

Recently the SRA reported that the number of reports they received about bogus law firms has continued to increase. In 2014 they received 701 reports. This represents a 28 percent increase on 2013, and a 101 percent increase on 2012.

The National Fraud Authority believes that there are around 1400 organised crime gangs trying to steal mortgage funds, and due diligence requires all solicitors and conveyancers to check the firm they are sending monies to.

You can help protect yourself, your firm and your client from potential bogus law firms by carrying out a Lawyer Fraud Check.

Searchmove – Lawyer Checker Product Benefits
  • Helps to verify the identity of the law firm or solicitor you are dealing with*.
  • Enhances your due diligence and gives yourself, your firm and your client added confidence.
  • Integrated Lawyer Checker product is quick and easy to order with one simple click

*The results should be checked in conjunction with other information on file to consider whether it is appropriate to transfer money to that company and its account.

Why should I use the Lawyer Checker?

Lawyer Checker has been developed in the wake of growing concern about vendor conveyancer fraud. With lenders tightening panels, fraud has moved along the line in a conveyancing transaction and criminals are stealing identities of real firms, or setting up their own fake firm in order to dupe you into sending money to them.

Lawyer Checker is a simple but effective online service that allows you to gather further information on the vendor conveyancer that you are sending money to. When account and firm details are submitted, Lawyer Checker will identify if there is a track record of previous use associated with that account.
If there isn’t, or the account is not well known, Lawyer Checker can carry out checks on more than 10 databases to give you further information to help you decide if it is appropriate to send money to that account.

About the Lawyer Check

Account & Entity Screen

The Account and Entity Screen provides the same immediate check against the Lawyer Checker database with an additional level of diligence where an entity is not well known by the Lawyer Checker system.

Key Features

features Enhanced due diligence
features Comprehensive database checks
features Safeguards against genuine human error
features Immediate response plus further research within 4 working hours if result raises concerns

Further manual research is carried out in order to provide the user with an accurate and up-to-date report on the entity they have searched against. The report includes checks on:

The report includes check on

features Roll of solicitors/conveyancers
features Companies House information
features ICO Data Protection Register
features FSA Registers
features Land Registry Transfers of Value lists
features Sort code look-up Streetview

Lawyer Checker makes over 10 checks to ensure your client’s money is going to a viable and legitimate account.

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