Searchmove work in partnership with Stewart Title for the provision of legal indemnity policies online. The online Steps policy system will simplify and automate the ordering process and reduces the amount of time you need to spend preparing a legal indemnity policy. You can get instant quotes in seconds.





England & Wales Products & Services

  • Defective Title Insurance
  • Restrictive Covenants
  • Search Insurances
  • Chancel Repair Liability
  • Lender Policies
  • Fraud Cover
  • Commercial Policies


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To order any of the above products & services, please login here. If you currently do not have access to the STEPS – Online Standard Policy System, then contact a member of our team on 0113 2394805

Stewart Title Limited is a title insurance company regulated by the Financial Services Authority and registered in England and Wales under number 2770166.

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